The supportive approach has always animated the initiatives and activities of the Cassoli Group and its companies, including Nema Automazione. A concrete and daily commitment, aimed at the development, growth and well-being of the surrounding community.

For Nema Automazione, and for the Cassoli Group to which it belongs, the relationship with the surrounding community is a fundamental element, which take the form of activities aimed at supporting the most fragile people and supporting local voluntary associations.

This solidarity commitment have led the Group to support, through a financing project for 2023, the Emporio Solidale il Sole, the association of volunteers based in Casalecchio di Reno which distributes aid food and the provision of accompanying measures to guide and help people in difficulty.

There are 120 fragile families in the area that the non-profit association supports through the administration of food and personal and home hygiene products, but also by guaranteeing a point of listening and exchange between people.