“A vision, one of solidarity and education, which has always animated the initiatives and activities of the Cassoli Group. With a concrete commitment to serving the local community.”

The connection and collaboration with the surrounding community have always been essential elements for the Cassoli Group, which participates on the front line in the construction of careful social sustainability in the contexts in which it operates.

This type of commitment translates into support for organizations such as the Emporio Solidale il Sole, a non-profit association in Casalecchio di Reno, which distributes food aid and provides accompanying measures to assist people in difficulty.

A support, that of the Cassoli Group, which made it possible to support “Latte al Sole” in 2023, a project which resulted in the purchase of 0 km milk from local farmers, material for packaging the products and to support general expenses of the project for the period of the year.

An attention paid to the community that the Cassoli Group has decided to pursue also in 2024, renewing its proximity to the Emporium, which contributes with its activity to improving the well-being of the local community.


The Emporio Solidale il Sole supports numerous vulnerable families, providing food, personal and domestic hygiene products, and offering a point of listening and exchange between people.

Among the activities carried out by the structure is the “Latte al Sole” project which was born within the collaboration with the local high schools promoted by the Metropolitan City of Bologna and the Municipality of Casalecchio di Reno.

The Emporio Solidale il Sole purchases milk at zero km from local farmers, helping to support the economy and agriculture of the area. The A. Serpieri Agricultural Institute, thanks to the authorized laboratory present within it, processes milk into products such as yogurt, cheese and similar products.

The process involves students and professors, promoting the achievement of multiple objectives: training of students and their involvement in solidarity activities, combating food poverty, spreading correct lifestyles and combating diseases linked to food poverty.

Finally, the processed products are made available to families in difficulty in the care of Emporio il Sole.

Over the course of the year, the structure has grown by implementing projects such as the creation, within the Institute, of a chicken coop with Bolognese hens that will supply eggs and derived products to the Emporium.